Customer comments:

Ray From WI (Piper Cherokee 140)

I promised to send you some comments concerning the pant job you completed on my Cherokee 140.  I'm sure that you could tell that I was nervous about the project, since I visited the job in process at the stripping, touch up of existing hangar rash, prime, base coat, and final trim paint stages.  At each stage of the process I was impressed with the professionalism and thoroughness of your work.  Your customer service in responding to all of my questions was great. You quoted approximately a 30 day project duration and you had the aircraft ready for pick up in exactly 30 days for exactly the price you quoted.  I particularly want to thank you for your "artists eye" in reviewing the multiple alternative paint schemes that my wife and I developed.  Your refinement of the wing trim, and final fuselage stripe were great touches. 
The paint job has received many compliments from other pilots, and I have hosted an inspection visit from one of your prospective customers.  Feel free to refer any other customer prospects to me for reference.  Denis, thank you again for exceeding my expectations on this project.
Ray Hansen, Ph.D.

Jack From MN, (Beech Bonanza V35 B)

Hi Denis,
It has been about 3 weeks since I picked up my V35B Bonanza from your paint shop. The compliments I am receiving do not stop! Everyone is so impressed with the quality of your workmanship,...I am probably the most appreciative and impressed! I could not have imagined that the finished job would look as good as it does. As you know, I was a little concerned about the removal, painting and re-installation of the flight controls on my bonanza as the balancing of the bonanza controls needs to be much more precise than on other similar aircraft. You exceeded my expectations! The airplane flew and performed flawlessly. I found no areas of hidden tape, overspray, or painted static ports. I am so glad I found you in BarnStormers, was truly a blessing!

I am hoping to get to Oshkosh this year, I will enjoy displaying my aircraft for others to see your expertise and quality. Most though, I will enjoy hearing their compliments on such a good loooking aircraft!  I have already referred people to you thru ABS and other contacts, and I will continue to recommend you as you are a genuine gift to the aviation community.

Once again Denis, I want to thank you for such an excellent job. You were true to your word on time and price. (I was very amazed that you did not vary from your quote to me prior to signing the contract). You are an honorable man and a professional,...I am glad to have met you and count you as a friend.

Jack Cassada

John from Oshkosh WI, (C-177 RG Cardinal)

The paint job on the Queen Bee is getting great reviews from family and friends. Your design showed great creativity mixing the year the plane was made (1976) design with modern flair.
It has been a great experience working with you!
John G. Alferi

Bill from IL, (Grumman AA1A):

I wanted to congratulate you and Euroairaviation on achieving a stunning result for my Grumman AA-1A!  Literally moments upon arriving back at home base with a distinct and artfully done paint scheme courtesy of your expertise I was greeted with compliments on the new paint application and design.    You did exactly what I invited by ending up making this aircraft stand out in terms of look and quality.  You are a real craftsman and I applaud your work.  As a satisfied customer, I am only too glad to credit Euroairaviation with delivering on the promise at a highly competitive price point.  Your dedication to developing and refining the design, recommendations for the flying beige base color and ruby red choice, and precise skill in bringing the design to life with paint application, in combination, highlight Euroairaviation as cut above the competition.
Bill G.
Colonel, USMCR (Ret.)

Mike from IL (Zenith 601HDS):

  I just wanted to thank you once again for the beautiful paint job and quick turnaround on my plane.  I really appreciate the fact that you were able to complete the job so quickly so that I could co-ordinate a visit with my relatives in Wisconsin with painting my plane.
  We had an open house at my home field the day after I returned from Wisconsin.  There was a continuous crowd around my plane and everyone commented on the beautiful paint job. They were especially impressed with the crisp edges on all the lines and the beautiful finish. One of the other pilots on the field just had his plane painted a couple weeks ago.  After he saw my plane he said he wished he knew about Euroair Aviation a month ago.
  You really turned my flying tin can into a work of art. Please feel free to let any potential customers contact me for a reference.

Mike Brenner - Zenith Zodiac 601 HDS

Dale from AZ (Mooney M20G):

  Denis, I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you did on my Mooney!  When I pulled up to your hangar, I couldn't believe that it was MY plane sitting there!  I am so impressed with the quality and detail of your work.My paint design has NO straight lines in it, and the symmetry of the stripes and colors from side to side is amazing!  One can really tell that you put not only a lot of time, but also a lot of effort into your prep and layout.
  As bad as my plane looked when I dropped it off, I was impressed with your enthusiasm for the project from the start.  And it sure shows in the finished product!  I have had so many compliments on the design and the quality of work just in the short time since I picked it up.  And I appreciated your keeping me updated on progress and help with accommodations when dropping off and picking up the plane.
  Denis, thank you, and your crew, for the fantastic transformation of my "Baby".  Now she finally looks like she flies!
  You and your shop are first rate, and I am happily telling everyone where I got my plane painted.  It was well worth the trip to Wisconsin, even from Arizona!
Dale Mooneyham  1968 Mooney, M20G, N6791N, KCHD

Sheldon from WI (1977 PA28R 201T Piper Turbo Arrow):

I just got back from picking up my Piper Turbo Arrow from your shop.  I wanted to get back to you to let you know how happy I am with the paint job!!! The gloss and finish is excellent as is the symetrics of how you did the striping.  With this type of paint job I can appreciate how difficult it was to get both wings, both horizontals and both sides of the fuselage to match perfectly.  Great Job!!!

Dave from IL (1975 PA28-140 Cherokee):

Just a quick note to let you know how pleased I am with the way 825 turned out. It turned out better than I had ever anticipated. The wheel fairings, wing walk, and striping were a work of art and I have recieved several compliments.  Please feel free to use me as a reference. Any potential customers in my area (Northern Illinois) that would like to see an example of your work, feel free to give them my number and I would be more than happy to show it off.
Dave   N32825

Randy from WI (2007 Zenith - 601 XL):

I just wanted to let you know how great my plane looks now after it's painted.  Everyone who see's it really likes it.  It's a simple paint scheme but I think it really adds to the look of the plane.

Dan from NC (1959 C-175):

I went to a local "Young Eagles" fly in this past Saturday. I have never done that before because usually no one wanted to ride in my plane because it was too ugly and people I think didn't trust it. YOU changed that for me. Now the plane looks Very new; and I flew 15 Young Eagle kids on Saturday. I was the second most popular airplane there. The first was a Glassair... I can't compete with that. BUT I will have you know that I wore the SHIRT you gave me & everybody of course wanted to take a picture of the beautiful airplane they took their first airplane ride in and the pilot (Me) Wearing of course "EUROAIR AVIATION" across my breast for everyone to see!!!
I'll Advertise anyway I can for you... please feel free to give my Name & Number to anybody I can brag to for you.

Dan's mechanic about C-175:

"...i guess it is not going to be "joke of the airport" anymore. She left as Ugly Duck, and returned as beautifull butterfly..."

Vern from WI (‘77 Piper Archer):

Thanks for doing a nice job on my plane, everyone who has seen her says it really looks nice!

Mike from IL (1970 Piper 140):

Wow, wow, wow!! Beautiful - Thank you.

Paul from WI (07' RAF 2000 - experimental gyrocopter):

Thanks for help with designing the scheme. ... ...Thanks again for a paint job that has made me even more proud to show off my new "Toy".

Dave from WI (2007 RV-7):

Denis, I really like the paint job and design on the airplane. I think what has impressed me even more is the passion and care you have to make sure that everything is going as planed and that the customer is happy with the results. Everyone that has seen the plane to date has been very impressed with the results. Lookout because I think you may be very busy in the future. You can have any one call or email me and I will give you a glowing recommendation and already have.

Wess from IL (1973 C-172):

I am very happy with the work.  The paint is applied very evenly, is extremely smooth, and has a beautiful gloss.  The colored paint scheme was applied exactly as per my sketches, and the metallic colors have great depth due to excellent metallic and clear coat paint application.  I will certainly recommend your paint shop to anyone looking to have their airplane painted. I would be happy to let you use me as a reference.